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Lady Card’s” discount spots have been increased again. 

The list was extended by such well-known companies as: Flower Store “Fiori”, Hotels “Royal Batoni”, “Chateau Mere” and jewelry  company "Zarapxana".

Lady Card’s owners have exclusive discounts at different trading and service objects. There is our partners list: Avtandil, Ici Pari, Kuzanov Clinic, Unison, Apple dent, Yoga CenterAnanda“, Karaps Medline, Napareuli Lounge, HotelOrion“, network of Beauty Salons Natali“,  Tourist company  „All tours“, Stores: 123, Etam, Gerry Weber, Tom Tailor, Celio, Furniture Store  „Valentini“,  Literary Café, Italian brand  “Invidiauomo”, Tegeta Motors, Sport Store „Xtreme", Restaurants: „Picasso“, „SeidabadandXiang-gan“, Toys StoreChita“, Sushi-barTokyo“. In Batumi: Clothing Store "PUMA", Beauty Shop  "Schwarzkopf",  Beauty Shop "Alexie" , Café-bar "Check-in", Clothing store "SAY".

 “Lady Card” is credit cards for women with the best credit terms.

•              Unprecedented grace period - 60 days at  0%!

•              High credit limit

•              Possibility to select desired design

You could order credit card as in any of “BasisBank’s” service-centers as well as on web-sites:,  on bank’s web-page:  and by means of telebanking,

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