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Pay with any type of “BasisBank” visa card and win voucher for 2 persons to World Cup in football   -2014 FIFA World Cup TM taking place in Brazil.

Starting from June 12 up to July 13 in Rio de Janeiro,  Brazil hosts  2014 FIFA World Cup TM Championship.  

From 17th of March up to 30th of April any payment made by visa card of BasisBank gives you chance to win trip to Football World Cup. VISA gives opportunity to each consumer to win the prize  for 2 persons to visit Brazil twice during the Championship: first for 4 days and second time to visit final Cup from  10th up to 14th of July including, besides exclusive souvenirs of  2014 FIFA World Cup TM- branded balls, backpack, towels, toys, key chains.

The more often you pay with BasisBank visa card the more opportunities you have to travel to World Football Cup in Brazil or became owners of the  presents.

Winners will be announced on 21–30 of May.

For detailed information please see VISA official web-site:


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