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BasisBank is celebrating the World Savings Day

The World Day of Savings in Georgia was celebrated by the operating Commercial Banks of Georgia already the third time.
The event was organized by the National Bank of Georgia, Foundation of German Savings Banks for international cooperation and Georgian Commercial Banks.
This year International Day of Savings is celebrated in a grand style in Tbilisi and Kutaisi. Events devoted to children and their parents will take place in Rikhe Park on November 1, and in Kutaisi on Central Square in front of the L. Meslkhishvili Theater  on November 2. Company “Multi-Pulti” will arrange special entertainment programs for kids in both cities starting from 14:00 P.M.
The special web-page was designed due to the World Savings Day, where is placed information on banking products, services and generally on consumer rights.
World Savings Day has a long history and has been celebrated in diverse countries from 1925 with various activities. Approximately 90 years Savings Bank of Germany (along with financial institutions in many countries) celebrates and arranges World Savings Day.
Since 1925 Savings Day has became the annual tradition in lots of countries and for motivation of savings  has been celebrated by different events.
BasisBank invites you and your children to participate in entertainment events devoted to the International Savings Day as in Tbilisi as well in Kutaisi.

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