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Premium Class card  Mastercard Platinum from JSC “BasisBank”!

BasisBank offers to its Customers new Premium Class Mastercard Platinum. TheCard holders will get the special advantages.

With the program- Lounge Key, created especially for Mastercard Platinum holders, which is the entry key for the thousands of private session airport lounges world around. The specified space is equipped with all necessary devices to provide maximum comfort of our guests and make them feel the select ones.

The Card holders will automatically receive coverage of travel insurance, assistance of 24/7 provided by company “Unison”.

Besides, Mastercard Platinum is secured from the cases of illegal operations (card fraud) with the card. If unauthorized operation was carried out from the card the damage will be reimbursed by insurance company “Unison”.

Except the above mentioned Mastercard Platinum includes the additional benefits. Particularly, the Card Holders will have advantages with the merchants partners of MasterCard Platinum  worldwide and will have high limit of cashing as from ATM’s as well from the Bank branches.

As well we should be noted that in case of your wish the customers of BasisBank have the opportunity to have Mastercard Standard type contactless cards. Upon request holder of Mastercard Standard can receive  Wissol petrol discount card.


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