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Basisbank Top Management Reshuffling
Since European Bank for Development and Reconstruction became Basisbank‘s shareholder, the bank has implemented an institutional development plan.

The plan was intended to form a new management structure and enhance corporate governance in the Bank and the transfer of Zurab Tsikhistavi, the Director General of Basisbank, to the Supervisory Board can be seen as a logical continuation of the above stated plan. 

In addition to Zurab Tsikhistavi, Zaza Nishnianidze, a shareholder of the Bank, has also been appointed as a new member to the Supervisory Board.


These structural changes were approved at the General Meeting of Shareholders.

David Tsaava, who currently holds Corporate Banking Director’s position, was appointed Acting Director General of the Bank.


The office of the Chief Financial Officer is held by Lia Aslanikashvili, the office of the Director for Retail Banking – by Levan Gardapkhadze, the office of the Director of IT and Risk Management – by David Kakabadze.


The Bank Management is staffed with young skilled workforce having long-term working experience with Basisbank.


Now the Supervisory Board of the Bank consists of the following members: Sabina Dziurman (EBRD), Murman Ambroladze, Irakli Bokolishvili, Taras Nizharadze (Chairman), Zaza Nishnianidze, Gia Petriashvili and Zurab Tsikhistavi. 


According to the Charter, the Supervisory Board of the Bank is authorized to elect Chairman among for the term of two years. The Meeting of the Supervisory Council of the Bank will be held in the nearest future, where the former General Director of the Bank, will be nominated in election as the Chairman of the Supervisory Board. 


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