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Basisbank expands its service -center network

On 31 March, Basisbank opened its 19th branch office in the Bazaleti Palace Hotel located in Ortachala,  Tbilisi.


Basisbank regularly caters for its customers. While offering the best possible banking products and services, it makes an effort to form favorable and convenient environment for its customers.


The new service-centre will offer Basisbanks full service package, which will expand the area of the banks activity and increase a number of its customers. The service-center will cater for general public as well as - based on its location - provide service for Bazaleti Palace Hotel guests. It is worth mentioning that Basisbanks service-centre has been operating for a year in the Bazaleti Hotel Complex - the first hotel of Bazaleti Joint Stock Company -  located at Bazaleti Lake.


"In the present situation, opening a new service center proves that Basisbank is a stable financial institution, which is focused on development. In the nearest future we plan to launch new banking products with favorable conditions for our customers" - director of Basis Banks retail banking section Levan Gardapkhadze said.

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