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Megobarati - the Frendliest Credit Card
“BasisBank” offers “Megobarati” (Friendly Card) – a totally new product
If you run out of money when you need it most, do not get nervous – your “Megobarati” will help you.
Forget about the embarrassment of borrowing money; just take it from your new friend – “Megobarati” in any country any time.
Carrying “Megobarati” you are accompanied by a friend always willing to help.
Friendly Discounts
“Megobarati” is completely different from any other loan product.
“Megobarat”i is mainly intended for purchase transactions and you do not pay any fee for them. However, if you wish to withdraw your money, you can also do it using an ATM.
You can borrow the money today and return it whenever you wish, within one month, one year or longer.
If you return the money within 30 days and await the end of the month with a positive account balance, you will not have to pay any interest!
If you cannot pay back in the given term, this can also be solved – you will only have to pay 10% per year.
The interest is accrued to the amount you actually used and not the total credit limit.
You are free to choose the credit payment schedule and remain eligible to reuse the amount paid to cover the loan at any time.
The credit limit is an increasing limit. If you often use the card and need more credit the Bank will raise the limit.
You will never be late paying your utilities bills while “Megobarati” allows you to use internetbanking service of utilities payments provided by “BasisBank”.
The only thing you need to do (in case you have wholly or partly used the limit) is a monthly deposit or transfer of 5% of the credit limit to your account. You can cover a part of your credit by the amount and also use the deposited amount later.
Friendship is priceless!
You can get your Megobarati free of charge.
BasisBank will present you with a Megobarati and assure you that there is always a way out.
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