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Basisbank purchases  the ball of Rugby Team  on the auction   


Georgian National Rugby Team crushed Russian Team 46:0 on Mikheil Meskhi stadium and got premium score.


Basisbank purchased the ball, which was used at the match by Georgian and Russian National Rugby teams, paid 1100 GEL on auction

Auction was held in an exhibition centre called “Muza”.

T-shirts of Georgian National Rugby Team were sold during the auction. Basisbank also purchase the t-shirt of Georgian rugby player George Chkhaidze and the ties of other rugby players.

In total, the amount of money raised up to 10 000 GEL through purchased items. Obtained money through auction was transferred into Saguramo Orphanage.

Before the beginning of auction, the exhibition was opened in the cultural centre, where the photos and t-shirts of outstanding members of National Rugby team are exhibited. Members of the team, politicians, businessmen and celebrities attended the exhibition.

It is worth noting that the relation between Basisbank and Rugby team has become a tradition: It is the third year, Basisbank has financed the best rugby player.

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