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Basisbank’s Shareholder Hualing Group Launches Large Scale Project on Tbilisi Sea

On July 8, Hualing Group is building a Hualing Special Economic Zone in Tbilisi. According to the memorandum on creation of a Hualing Special Economic Zone signed by the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia and China’s Xinjiang Hualing Industry & Trade Co., the latter commits to build a Hualing Special Economic Zone on Tbilisi Sea, which will provide supplementary accommodation for the 2015 Summer Youth Olympics planned in Tbilisi.

The project also covers the territory of a market, industrial and storage areas, customs, commercial district, residential complex, recreational and entertainment zones, etc.

As a result of Chinese investment, both construction and operation of the special zone will create new jobs that will significantly promote the country’s economic development.

Hualing Group also plans to create another industrial zone in the city of Kutaisi.

Hualing Group held a groundbreaking ceremony for launching a large scale project on the Tbilisi Sea.


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