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Mortage "Transfer Loan"

Mortage "Transfer Loan" is a type of loan that is issued simply based on money transfers received from abroad, without any additional income statement.



Loan amount

1000– 30000 USD*

*The issuance of money amount less than 100 000 GEL is possible only in national currency for private persons citizens of Georgia and individual entrepreneurs

Loan Currency


Loan term

Up to 7 year

Loan Collateral

Property which is to be bought, built, or renovated

Loan purpose 

Purchasing construction, renovation of apartment  


Required documents:

∙             ID

∙             Application of Consumer Loan

∙             Document of money transfers 

Basisbank offers OFFSET function:

You can place on account the amount up to 80% of the current loan, and decrease your liability by max 5-times. OFFSET decrease the liability up to 5-times!
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