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Business Card of BasisBank exclusive partner of your business!

Credit business card is characterized with useful conditions. In particular, the card is universal and is used as for cash as well as for non-cash settlements. Besides Holder of the card can use high credit limit and low interest rate, but is not limited and can place the private sums on it, these sums will be also accrued with high percent rate.

Along with the Business Card you will get:

·         Partnership of Business Club;

·         Exclusive conditions from the card partners;

·         High credit limit;

·         Interest-free loan of up to 60 days;

·         Bonus package.

Along with Business Card anywhere and anytime you:

·         Pay at trade centers and service objects or internet-stores;

·         Pay daily expenses;

·         Carry out cash withdrawal from ATM and Service-centers.

Interest free loan

Be more adaptable! If you pay back the full amount spent during the grace period, you do not pay an interest rate!
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