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Project of preferential Agro-credit


Ministry of Agriculture has developed „Project of preferential agro-credit“, the objective of the present Project is strengthening of agro-industrial sector of Georgia and development of agriculture.

We offer you preferential agro-credit in BasisBank within the frames of  “Project of preferential Agro-credit”.

The only condition for the loan is to have a continuous and stable income from farming or other activities.

The following persons can take advantage of preferential agro-credit:

•           Natural person resident of Georgia

•           Natural person resident of Georgia (private entrepreneur)

•          Legal entities registered in accordance with Georgian legislation (except of companies founded with equity participation of the state), including an Agricultural Cooperative

 Within the frames of preferential Agro-credit are financed two directions 

•           Preferential credit for circulating assets

(fertilizers, chemical fertilizers and seeds, purchasing of not-breeding cattle, poultry and fish, provide expenses for other type of agriculture works etc.)

•           Preferential agro-credit for fixed assets

(Cattle breeding, purchasing of poultry or fish, purchasing of equipment and inventory necessary for Agriculture, financing of premises required for farms and live farming etc.)

*The issuance of money amount less than 200 000 GEL is possible only in national currency for private persons citizens of Georgia and individual entrepreneurs

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