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Exchange your currency, save up the gold and get gifted with a gold bar! 

Here is how:  

Simple: As you use Basisbank’s internet or mobile banking app for your exchange transactions, you accumulate gold points, in proportion to the amounts you work with. Our app allows you to gain 1 gold point for every USD 100 exchanged, while 1000 gold points equal to 1 gr of actual goldOnce you have enough points for 10 gr. of gold, you become eligible for the gift of 10-gr gold coin. Another option is to continue adding up the points till you are gifted with a 20 gr gold bar!*

If you opt to take your gold coin or bar and still have some gold points left, these will remain on your account, ready for you to continue saving.

The following currencies are available for exchange transactions

GEL, USD, EUR, GBP, CNY, RUB and CHF. The gold mining option applies to USD. More specifically, you are free to trade any of the above currencies, while the gold points are accumulated in USD, in the equivalent of the currency you sell, at the National Bank exchange rate active on the exchange day.

Who can use this service?

Any individual or a legal entitwho trades currency using Basisbank’s internet or mobile banking app is eligible for the gold mining option.

A legal entity may withdraw 20-gram gold bullions or multiples of 20-gram gold bullions at any time. Individuals (i.e. additional users, employees of the legal entity who act on behalf of their company) registered as users in internet-banking can also accumulate the points. They get 10% of the company’s points.. If the companies decide to discontinue allowing the additional users to use the app, all gold points will be accumulated on the company’s account.

Additional Terms

If a client decides to discontinue using the service, or if the bank opts to switch off the gold mining option, the accumulated told available for gifting shall be issued in the amount multiples of 10.  

Trade your currency using Basisbank’s internet and mobile banking app, benefit from the best exchange rate, gather the gold and multiply your wealth. 

* The VAT, 18%, is deducted from accumulated points/gold. Internet banking shows gold points with already reduced taxes.

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