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Bloomberg BMatch Platform 

Convert money at the desired rate through the Bloomberg BMatch platform with the help of Basisbank Internet Banking 

Fill out an application to place a conversion transaction through the BMatch platform, indicate what currency you are selling, what you are buying and at what rate you wish to convert, wait for the broker and, if you agree, receive the converted amount o n your account. 

  To place a conversion application on the Bloomberg BMatch platform you need to: 

• Have the amount credited to your account (min. USD 100,000 or equivalent in national currency, in USD 10,000 steps) and the platform application fee;

• Choose the type of transaction: ‘buy dollars’ or ‘sell dollars’;

• Indicate from which account you wish to sell and on which account you buy the currency;

• Fix the desired rate and submit an application for placement to the Bloomberg BMatch platform. 

In a few minutes you will receive information about the status of the application. If the BMatch platform completes the deal with the parameters specified in the application, the conversion operation will be performed and the amount will be credited to your account. 

Application is free until October 16.

The product can be used by both individuals and legal entities.

To activate the service, visit any service center of Basisbank.

Service activation is free.

Thank you for using Basisbank services!

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