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Basisbank holding adds two new subsidiaries “Hualing Insurance” and “ BHL leasing“


Basisbank expands its holding with new subsidiary “Hualing Insurance”. Insurance Company has already obtained life insurance licence and general insurance (non-life insurance) licence.

The new subsidiary intends to start its operations on the market from the second quarter of 2018. At the moment, the company actively develops insurance products in accordance with the introduced strategy of  “Hualing Insurance”.  The main goal of the company is to establish the special service standards by means of individual approach to the customers and through development of customized insurance products. Stated strategy will ensure establishment of long term, mutually beneficial cooperation with customers.

It is also noteworthy that among Basisbank’s subsidiaries a new leasing company “ BHL leasing“ has been introduced, which will also start its activities from the second quarter of 2018. Development of the Bank’s holding, in its turn, will contribute to the growth of the Bank’s shares and will create the opportunity of offering the full range of financial services to its clients.



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