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Basisbank purchased SAP technical support service for Ilia Chavchavadze State University.
On June 30, presentation on SAP University Alliances was held in Ilia State University. From 2011 Ilia State University has become the member of SAP University Alliance, which gives it a right to apply SAP-system in education and use it for preparing Master Degree and PhD works. Financial support from Basisbank has played a huge role for University to earn a membership in SAP University Alliance. Moreover, Basisbank purchased SAP technical support service. The bank is the partner of many projects held by the university.

SAP system education is planned to be used on final courses of Bachelor Degree Business Administration. Apart from this, Ilia State University introduced Master Degree in Information Technology Management since Spring, where one of the most important components is SAP-system related courses.

Taking care of educational sphere is the priority of Basisbank’s social responsibility. “Educational Fund” of the bank has implemented a variety of useful projects, such as: financing educational programs of students, issuing scholarships in the name of the bank as well as financing various student conferences. 

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