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OFFSET function

Offset function allows a customer to decrease the cost of interest rate on credit products and obtain considerably greater benefit than from any Deposit.

Place to an Account up to 80% of your mortgage credit amount and reduce the cost of your mortgage credit  max. to 5 times!

With offset function is possible to reduce the amount paid for interest rate to max.  80%. if within the duration of credit on your account constantly will be available positive balance of 80% of the credit initial amount.

Example: you wish to purchase an apartment and you need mortgage loan from BasisBank in amount of GEL 80 000 with 10.5% (effective 11.33%) interest rate. Along with it you have possibility to place on Account for the certain period GEL 64 000.  Within the given period interest will be accrued only to GEL 16 000. Instead of monthly payment in amount of GEL 1086 you will pay GEL 217.

With OFFSET function you will save in average GEL 869 per month! In case of loan for 10 years instead of payment of additional GEL 50 400 it means to pay GEL 10 079 which is less 5 times!

Get a free visa classic and visa gold cards from BasisBank!

Upon activation of offset function the customer gets (as for issuing the new loan as well as for offsetting already existing loans) a free debit card with standard functions (the main currency of debit card is the currency of the loan).

The class of the card depends on loan amount:

up to USDF 50 000 – VISA Classic, over USD 50 000-VISA Gold.

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