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Direct Transfer Service

Service description


The product releases the customer from any thought to pay utility charges and communication bills.

The service allows making payments directly, upon origin of payables or/and at any pre-arranged time, in fixed amounts, to the companies chosen by the customer.


Those eligible for the service

Any physical person holding any account (current/card) with Basisbank can log on to the direct payment service. 


Transactions that can be performed through the service

Utility charges, communication bills, insurance premiums, charity contributions can be paid directly, independently from the customer, under the terms fixed in advance, from the account indicated by the customer.


The list of the companies, to which transfers can be made:

·         TELASI (electricity)

·         Tbilisi Water and Energy (water)

·         Municipal Sanitation Service (sanitation)

·         KazTransGas (natural gas)

·         Geocell

·         Magticom

·         Mobitell (Beeline)

·         Akhali Kselebi

·         Akhteli

·         InfoGeorgia

·         AIETY

·         Silknet

·         Global Contact Consulting

·         Caucasus Online

·         Imedi L

·         Irao

·         GPI Holding

·         Paata Burchuladze International Fund


You can log on to the service in 2 ways:

By logging on to the service via Internet Banking or in any Basisbank service center.

As soon as the service is activated, the customer who has logged on to SMS Banking receives a short message of activation. The customer gets messages on every transaction.


Payment is made by 2 methods – the fixed amount or/and amount as per the bill due.


The application must state the amount to be transferred on a monthly basis and the date of such transfers or, if the customer so wishes, the order for full payment of any amount due upon becoming due.  


The direct payment service charge is 5 Lari per quarter.


The service can be modified or cancelled free of charge.

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