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Personal Dealer – innovative product for Georgian banking system. 

The new functional of remote channels of BasisBank provides you with opportunity to bargain with the Bank directly, save your money and get desirable exchange rate!

Choose required volume of money and the currency. Require the rate and bargain with dealer.

Send your proposal to the Bank, indicate which currency you are going to sell, which you are going to buy and what is the conversion rate you prefer, wait for respond of private dealer and in case of agreement get the conversed amount on your account.

With dealing service you are able to buy and/or sell:

  • GEL;
  • USD;
  • EUR.

With dealing service you are able to buy and/or sell:

  • Have balance on your account;
  • Choose from which account you would like to sell and to which account you buy the currency;
  • Keep the same special exchange rate or indicate the desired volume, which is in frame of the market exchange rates for the current period;
  • Send your proposal to private dealer.

You will get the response proposal in several minutes or agreement.

If any parameters specified in conversion are acceptable for the Treasury of the Bank, operation will be carried out automatically;

In case of correction of exchange rate and/or money volume by Private Dealer for completion of dealing you have 2 minutes to agree or cancel the proposal;

Conversion will be carried out if money amount and/or exchange rate are acceptable for the both parties.

Service of dealing with private dealer is available within the working hours of Treasury of the Bank from 10:00 AM

Save your money and time together with BasisBank!

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