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TBC PAY Payments

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Basisbank is proud to offer the service enabling you to simply perform the following transactions by using TBC PAY payment systems:

Depositing funds to debit cards
Depositing funds to credit cards
Depositing funds to current accounts

The terms of use are quite simple: choose Basisbank on the TBC PAY monitor, then the product you’d like to deposit money to, indicate the amount of payment, the account holder’s personal number, birth date and then deposit your money.


Minimum amount of money – 1 Lari

Maximum amount of money – 1499 Lari

Funds can be deposited in Lari only.


When depositing money to a multi-currency account, no matter what currency is the principal currency, funds will be reflected on your Lari account. If you hold an account in any other currency, funds will be converted at the current non-cash exchange rate of the Bank and reflected on the account of the principal currency.  


If you possess several products of the same type with different account numbers, e.g. two debit cards of the same type, you can deposit your money to the first product or to the card prepared earlier. The same principle applies to credit cards and current accounts as well. 

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