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VISA Credit cards

The Basisbank’s credit card is one of the most convenient cards combining key advantages of both: credit and debit cards.
 Service Technology:
The Bank allows the credit card holder to make all payments both by means of the deposit on his/her card as well as on credit based on pre-arranged credit terms with the Bank (in USD, GEL). This means that the client’s card account will be tied with the credit card through the corresponding credit line. The issued credit is covered by the client by means of filling the card account.
Use contactless cards of BasisBank!

Contactless cards simplify and save your time while any purchasing operation or service!

Credit or debit cards of BasisBank can be transformed to contactless cards (VISA classic, VISA Gold, Megobarati), you just need to touch terminal POS  and transaction is carried out.
For receiving contactless cards you have to renew the card in any of Service-centers of the Bank, (or apply for the new card), which provides you with opportunity to carry out payment at any POS easily, quickly and comfortably!
Advantages of Basisbank’s credit cards:
  • The credit is issued without any collateral or corporate warranty;
  • You can use the credit limit awarded to you at any time during 1 (one) year, while the credit line remains renewable;
  • The amount within negotiated credit limit can be utilized either at once or in part;
  • You can monitor your expenditure via Internet Banking;
  • You can make your payments at millions of vendors worldwide;
  • Customers do not have to pay any commission fee for awarded credit.
Options for receiving a credit card:
  1. A credit line can be tied to your existing card (VISA CLASSIC, or VISA GOLD) after filling in a special application form;
  2. You have to purchase a new credit card (VISA CLASSIC, or VISA GOLD) by filling in a special application form;
You can find a special credit card application.
The credit card application forms can be found in Basisbank’s offices.
Crediting Limits
Credit limit is up to 10 000 Gel.
Credit limits are negotiated individually with every client. The limit is awarded by the Bank in accordance with your financial record and your credit history with the Bank.
Eligibility criteria for the applicant:
  • an applicant should a have stable monthly income (not less than 400 Gel)
  • an applicant should be of a full legal age and have an ID document.
Providing additional documents (driving license, international passport, reference from your employer, etc.) to the Bank will be welcomed and considered when awarding the credit limit.
Credit interest rate
The awarded credit limit can be used at once or in part. 
The interest rate is charged only to the amount actually spent by the client. Repayment of the principal amount and the interest accrued on it is made the same day when the funds are transferred to the client’s card account.
The credit can be repaid by paying cash at pay desk as well as by making transfers to the client’s account.
The only thing you need to do (in case you have wholly or partly used the limit) is a monthly deposit or transfer of 5% of the credit limit to your account. You can cover a part of your credit by the amount and also use the deposited amount later.

Dear customers!

We inform you that since 6 August commission fee of cash withdrawal  is reduced from BasisBank cards in ATMs of agent banks: 0.5% - minimum 0.5 Gel instead of 1%. As well as commission fee of cash withdrawal is reduced from BasisBank cards in BasisBank ATMs and service centres: 0.2% minimum 0.2 Gel instead of 0.3% minimum 0.15.

VISA Card Service Fees:
Classic Gold
Expiry period

2 years

Annual Service
Principle card service fee for the first year 15 GEL 150 GEL
Principle card service fee for the second year 15 GEL 100 GEL
Renewal of card 15 GEL 100 GEL
Additional card 15 GEL 100 GEL
Urgent card issuing

+ 20 USD

Daily Cash withdrawal limit 1500 USD 3000 USD
Commision on Change Daily Cash withdrawal limit (1 month) 10 GEL 10 GEL
Daily transaction limit 7000 USD 15000 USD
Cash withdrawal fee in ATMs
Basisbank’s ATMs

0.2% min. 0.2 GEL

Agent Banks’ ATMs

0.5% min. 0.5 GEL*

Other ATMs

2% min. 7.5 GEL

Cash withdrawal fee in Bank
Basisbank branches

0.2% min. 0.2 GEL

Agents Banks branches

2% min. 6 GEL*

Other Banks

2% min. 6 GEL

Transaction fee at merchants




Transfer fees on plastic cards

From local merchants 0,5%

From international merchants

Stop-List Fee
Local Stop-list 1 GEL
International Stop-list (2 weeks, one region) 100 GEL 100 GEL
Administrative Fee
Unauthorized overdraft interest


Card balance statement


The cost of protest against transaction

25 GEL

Replacement of damaged card 15 GEL 60 GEL
Renewal of damaged / lost card 15 GEL 100 GEL

Additional urgent services
Suspension of damaged / lost cards via GCAS 100 GEL
Urgent renewal of card 600 GEL
Urgent withdrawal of the card 500 GEL
 *Agent Banks: 
VTB Bank
TBC Bank.
Cartu Bank
Halyk Bank

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