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VISA Debit cards
International VISA Plastic Card of Basisbank is a most convenient modern tool of payment in any currency. VISA card can be used in 12 000 000 trade and service vendors throughout the world equipped with VISA  logo.
Use contactless cards of BasisBank!

Contactless cards simplify and save your time while any purchasing operation or service!

Credit or debit cards of BasisBank can be transformed to contactless cards (VISA classic, VISA Gold, Megobarati), you just need to touch terminal POS  and transaction is carried out.
For receiving contactless cards you have to renew the card in any of Service-centers of the Bank, (or apply for the new card), which provides you with opportunity to carry out payment at any POS easily, quickly and comfortably!
VISA CLASSIC is one of the most popular plastic cards worldwide. It can be used in millions of trade and service vendors in Georgia and other countries equipped with VISA  logo. VISA CLASSIC will enable you to make payments via internet or telephone, as well as to book hotels and rent cars worldwide.
VISA GOLD will always be your visit card in high society. The owners of this card are served as VIP category clients worldwide. VISA GOLD’s advantages are: high daily limit of cash withdrawal, if you lose your card – you may receive an urgent money transfer anywhere in the world and many other features.
Requirements for receiving a card:
1) For individual Use:
  1. One should submit a dully filled and signed application form to the Bank, open a new card account or use an existing one, deposit or transfer the indeclinable remainder and card fees on the account in accordance with the established Bank rates.
  2. During 3 (three) banking days after a transfer (deposit) is made on the account the Bank issues a card and corresponding documents to the applicant. In case of urgent issuance, the card and its PIN code are delivered to the applicant on the next banking day.
  3. If the applicant does not claim his/her card during 3 (three) months, the card will be annulled. The card owner will not be refunded the paid annual service or commission fees.
2) Salary Programme:
Salary payment via plastic cards is the modern, simplified and secure form of payment. The salary programme participants can:
  • Simplify their salary payment procedures;
  • Treat their salary rates confidential;
  • Minimize costs of salary disbursement (cash delivery, hiring a cashier);
  • The employees of the organizations taking part in the salary programme are able to enjoy credit (overdraft) opportunities wherever necessary. They will enjoy simplified procedures of credit issuance, whereas the credit is issued on easy terms.
General Terms:
Personal Identity Code (PIN)
The card has a personal identity code (PIN) known only by the cardholder. PIN code is used for withdrawal cash from ATM. If you forget your card PIN you should immediately address the issuing bank.
Card Statement
The cardholder is entitled to require the card baalnce statement. The statement consists the information about the current balance on the account, transactions and withdrawals made.
Moreover, you can track your accounts during 24 hours via online banking services —
Overdraft (Credit)
Using overdraft the cardholder can spend sums in excess of the balance on his/her account and repay the debt to the Bank later on. In case of overdraft the minimum remainder of sums on card account is not required.
Overdraft Services are designed for:
  • Clients receiving their salaries transferred on card accounts;
  • Bank depositors;
  • Managers or founders of the Bank’s client organizations;
  • Other categories of clients in favor of which the Bank makes a decision.
Cash withdrawal and payment
1) Instructions for ATM users
  1. Place the card in the card-path of ATM with the arrow on the card’s upper side pointing to the path.
  2. Choose the service language (Georgian, Russian, English) and press the button beside the selected sign.
  3. Dial your card PIN-code (after the ATM’s request). PIN-code is a 4-digit personal identity code, which you receive in a sealed envelope together with a letter. If you enter an invalid PIN-code in three consecutive the ATM will seize the card. In such cases, please, immediately call the Bank.
  4. After dialing the PIN-code, please select one of the operations: a) cash withdrawal; b) balance check.
  5. In case of cash withdrawal, please select currency and amount of the sum. If you do not see the demanded amount on the ATM screen, than, please select "other amount" in the ATM menu and dial an amount you wish to withdraw.
  6. Take your card, the withdrawn amount and the check. Try not to detain the card and the received cash in the ATM path. Otherwise ATM will seize them. In such cases, please, immediately address the Bank.
2) Cash Withdrawal at a Bank
You can withdraw cash from any Bank that provides services to VISA international cards. For withdrawing cash you need to present your card and ID to a Bank employee.
3) Payment at Merchants
When making payment at merchants the sales personnel will provide you with a check to sign. You should sign the check after you’ve checked the accuracy of the amount indicated there. Do not forget to take a copy of the check. You should keep the copies until the indicated amounts are discarded from your account. Your signature should be consistent with that on the back side of you card. Otherwise, the sales personnel are authorized to ask you to present your ID. In case you are not able to present required documents the sales personnel are authorized to suspend payment.
4) Internet Transactions
Performing transactions on the internet is possible with VISA Classic and VISA Gold cards. For this you need enter the card’s 16-digit number (in some cases you must also indicate the 3-digit number on the back of the card), and the card expiry date on a web-site. Before entering the card information on the internet, please, be sure, you feel confident about the security and legacy of the web page.
Some recommendations:
  • When receiving your card, please, put your signature (as it is given in your ID) on the designated line on the back of your card. This will protect you from any misunderstandings while using the card.
  • Never write your PIN-code on the card or elsewhere easily accessible places by others.
  • Keep the card away from magnetic fields, as this can damage the magnetic strip on your card.
  • Check the accuracy of amounts indicated on check/slip before signing them. If the indicated amount is inaccurate, require extirpation of the amiss check.
If you are ATM user:
  • Enter your PIN-code so that nobody can see it;
  • Immediately take out the card after returning from ATM, otherwise the ATM will seize/block it. After transaction is finished take out the check from ATM.
  • Do not throw away the check as it contains confidential information about your card.
  • If ATM does not perform cash withdrawal transaction, please, check the balance on your card account.
Before traveling abroad:
  • Check expiry date of your card;
  • Be sure you remember your PIN-code;
  • Check balance on your card account and whenever necessary fill it;
If you lose your card:
If you have lost your card, please, immediately inform the corresponding office of the card eminent bank. In order to block your card you need to inform the bank’s card operator your password and other relevant information, also answer his/her questions. Otherwise the card will not be blocked.
If your card is stolen or lost immediately contact us:
Tel: +995 32 2 922-922

Processing Center:  (+995 32) 2911704 / (+995 32) 2953707 / (+995 32) 2923112 / (+995 32) 2911579 / (+995 32) 2777222
Fax to the bank detailed circumstances of card loss: (+995 32) 2 986 548

Dear customers!

We inform you that since 6 August commission fee of cash withdrawal  is reduced from BasisBank cards in ATMs of agent banks: 0.5% - minimum 0.5 Gel instead of 1%. As well as commission fee of cash withdrawal is reduced from BasisBank cards in BasisBank ATMs and service centres: 0.2% minimum 0.2 Gel instead of 0.3% minimum 0.15.


VISA Card Service Fees:

Classic Business Gold
Expiry period 2 years
Annual Service
Principle card service fee for the first year
15 GEL 100 GEL 150 GEL
Principle card service fee for the second year
15 GEL 75 GEL 100 GEL
Renewal of card
15 GEL 75 GEL 100 GEL
Additional card
15 GEL 75 GEL 100 GEL
Urgent card issuing + 50 GEL
Minimum balance on account
10 GEL, 5 USD, 5EUR 100 USD 100 USD
Daily Cash withdrawal limit
1500 USD 3000 USD 3000 USD
Commision on Change Daily Cash withdrawal limit (1 month)
10 GEL 10 GEL 10 GEL
Daily transaction limit
7000 USD 25000 USD 15000 USD
Cash withdrawal fee in ATMs
Basisbank’s ATMs

0.2% min. 0.2 GEL

Agent Banks’ ATMs

0.5% min. 0.5 GEL*

Other ATMs 2% min. 7.5 GEL
Cash withdrawal fee in Bank
Basisbank branches

0.2% min. 0.2 GEL

Agents Banks branches
2% min. 6 GEL*
Other Banks 2% min. 6 GEL
Transaction fee at merchants
Local Free
International Free

transfer fees on plastic cards

from local merchants


from international merchants


Stop-List Fee
Local Stop-list
International Stop-list (2 weeks, one region)
100 GEL 100 GEL 100 GEL
Administrative Fee
აUnauthorized overdraft interest 32%
Card balance statement Free

The cost of protest against transaction

10 USD
Replacement of damaged card
15 GEL 60 GEL 60 GEL
Renewal of damaged / lost card
15 GEL100 GEL 100 GEL

Additional urgent services
Suspension of damaged / lost cards via GCAS
100 GEL
Urgent renewal of card
600 GEL
Urgent withdrawal of the card
500 GEL

*In case, payment will be implemented in the currency different from the card account currency (currencies), money amount will be converted in the basic currency of the card account and will be cut off from the card account. Conversion will be implemented on the day of transaction on the card account with the currency of the Bank. Herein conversion currency for the transaction outside Georgia is ascertained by the Bank pursuant to the current currency of Visa.


  *Agent Banks: 
VTB Bank
TBC Bank.
Cartu Bank
Halyk Bank

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