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Guarantee of receiving premium class service in any pount of the world, emphasizes the privilege of the owner, who values prestige, time and comfort.

Diamond card financial characteristics and advantages:

High limit of cashing from ATM – daily USD 9000;

Free of charge cashing at ATM of BasisBank;

Interest accrued to the positive balance placed at the card;

Discounts at upmarket point of sales;

concierge services- in any country;

Travel reusable insurance;

insurance against the illegal transactions on the card

use of  airport business-lounges - Dragon pass

Travel insurance

Diamond card holder has an opportunity to have free of charge  travel insurance  for 90 days per annum with Hualing Insurance international assistance. Protection of card against fraud

While using  Diamond card you get back your money amounts if  the third person has illegally use it at POS terminal, ATM or on-line.

Limit:  2800 (transaction carried out online) 8000(off-line transactions) 

Dragonpass – your  pass to VIP airport lounges of international airports.

With Dragonpass your journey will become more comfortable and pleasant. Regardless of trip ticket class and flight direction during the intervals (waiting time) between the flights you can relax, have a fun or work  in comfortable environment. For detailed info follow the link:

The holders of Diamond cards will be given a  Dragonpass- plastic with three times free of charge visit/entries. By means of plastic you have opportunity to visit the lounges at any time. While entering the lounge the holder shall have Dragonpass plastic card that insures the service of the lounge.

concierge services

Diamond card holder can use international concierge services. Concierge will assist you in obtaining different services at any point of globe, concierge is available round the clock by phone or in online mode.

Discounts and special proposals

Diamond card has opportunity to have special Diamond proposals at local and international shops, hotels and restaurants in variety countries around the world.


Tbilisi Sea New city – Hotels & Preference Hualing: up to 25%


type of card

UPI Diamond 

Card max validity

2 years

2 (two) tears service fee

GEL 500 

updated card

GEL 250

additional card

GEL 250  

urgent issuance of the card


minimal balance on account


Main currency of the card

multi-currency (FEL, USD, EUR, CNY)

daily limit for cashing

USD 9000 

Daily limit of transactions

USD 30000 

commission for changing of daily cashing limit (for 1 month)

GEL 10 

accruals to positive balance placed at the card

3% in GEL, 1% in USD, 0,5% in EUR, min above 100 units

commission for cashing from ATM

ATM of BasisBank

free of charge

with ATM of other banks

2%- min. GEL  7.5 

foreign banks ATM

2% - min.  GEL 7.5  

commission for transfer of an amount from the account

GEL –free of charge, USD/EUR -0.2% min  USD/EUR 10 , max.  USD/EUR 50 , 0.2% min.  CNY 70  max.  CNY 400.

commissions in points of sales


free of charge 


free of charge

entering into stop list

local stop list

free of charge

administrative commission

interest for unauthorized overdraft


statement from the card account

free of charge

cost of appeal against the transaction

GEL 25 

replacement of damaged cards

GEL 200

replacement of stolen/lost cards

GEL 200


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