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Travel Card - Discovery Card
   Anywhere in the world!
      withdrawal fee - 0%

Discovery is a debit visa classic type of chip card for consumers who often travel abroad. The main advantage of the Discovery Card is that it enables consumers to cash money without any charge in any of the world countries.


Main currency of the card (choose one):

·         GEL

·         EURO

·         USD

·         GBP

Dear customers!

We inform you that since 6 August commission fee of cash withdrawal  is reduced from BasisBank cards in ATMs of agent banks: 0.5% - minimum 0.5 Gel instead of 1%. As well as commission fee of cash withdrawal is reduced from BasisBank cards in BasisBank ATMs and service centres: 0.2% minimum 0.2 Gel instead of 0.3% minimum 0.15.


Card Service Tariffs

 Discovery Card
Maximum  term of the card
2 year
Annual service
Cost of the main card
75 GEL
Cost of the card next year
60 GEL
Quick production of the card
50 GEL
Daily limit of cash withdrawal
1000 USD
Daily limit of the transaction
4000 USD
Commission on cash withdrawal via ATM
Basisbank ATM

0.2% min. 0.2 GEL

ATMs of the agent banks

0.5% min. 0.5GEL*

ATMs of other banks
2% min. 7.5 GEL
ATMs abroad
*10 free withdrawals during 30 days, more than 10 withdrawals per month - 2% min. 8.5 GEL  
Commission on withdrawing money from the bank
Basisbank department

0.2% min. 0.2 GEL

Department of the agent bank
2% min. 6 GEL*
Department of the other bank
2% min. 10 GEL
Banks  abroad
2 min. 6 GEL
Commission at trade outlets
Transfer fees on plastic cards
From local merchants
From international merchants
Inclusion in the stop list
Local stop list
International stop list (two weeks,  one region)
100 GEL
Administrative commission
Interest rate of the unsanctioned overdraft
Statement from the card account
The cost of protest against transaction
Change of the damaged card
35 GEL
Restore stolen/lost card
50 GEL

In case, payment will be implemented in the currency different from the card account currency (currencies), money amount will be converted in the basic currency of the card account and will be cut off from the card account. Conversion will be implemented on the day of transaction on the card account with the currency of the Bank. Herein conversion currency for the transaction outside Georgia is ascertained by the Bank pursuant to the current currency of Visa.

* From first transaction during 30 days
 *Agent Banks: 
VTB Bank
TBC Bank.
Cartu Bank
Halyk Bank

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