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Lady Card
Only for you, successful, confident and free ladies!

Lady Card is a Credit Card, tailored for each of you with the best credit conditions.


We know what truly matters to you:

·         Interest- free grace period – 60 days - 0% Credit!

·         High credit limit

·         Annual Effective interest rate – from 0.86%

Interest is accrued only to the amount you actually spend!

·         Stylish, Original, Cool design of a Card

·         You can choose the design that fits your personality!


A lot of shops, trade and service centers offer attractive discounts to Lady Card holders!


BasisBank’s partners are leading organizations in Georgia. You deserve the best! 


Lady Card is completely different from other loan products. When you are shopping  you pay 0% commission fee! You also have the option to withdraw Cash through ATM all around the clock.

The only thing that you are obliged to do (in case the limited amount is entirely or partly used) is to place or transfer 10% of the spent amount monthly on our account. Part of your credit will be covered with this amount, but you can use the placed amount again. 


For Gentlemen, BasisBank offers the unique chance!


You have an opportunity to present a Lady Card to your lady. Be sure that this Credit Card can make any lady happy!



Service fees of Lady Card

Service fee


Card Account Currency


Credit limit


Maximum grace period (Interest-free credit)

60 calendar days

Annual interest rate

0.86% annual of used credit 

Credit registration fee

1.5% of negative balance as of the end of Account day

Fee for cashing own funds

Basisbank ATMs – 0%, BasisBank branch offices -0%, Agent Bank’s ATMs - 0.5% minimum 0.5 GEL*, other bank’s ATMs 2% (minimum 7,5 GEL), other bank’s branch offices 2% min. 6 GEL

Purchase (non-cash) transaction fee


Transfer fee on the card

from local merchants 0,5%
from international merchants 1%

Fee for cashing the credit

4,5% (minimum 10 GEL)

Fee for the use of unauthorized credit

32% of overspent amount
Note: Interest will be accrued on a daily basis, from the emergence of unauthorized credit until the actual payment day.

Penalty for the use of amount transferred by mistake

0.05% of used amount for each day.
Note: penalty will be accrued in case the client does not return the amount within 3 days from the receipt of information on the transfer by mistake

Increase of credit limit

From 5%

Fee for limit restoration

30 GEL

Limit period

2  years

Production of a card


Annual service

20 GEL

Additional card

25 GEL

Urgent card cost

50 GEL

Validity period

2 years

Cash withdrawal limit

1500 USD

Non cash transactions limit

7000 USD

Entry in a local STOP list


Entry into International Stop-list (for two weeks, one region)

100 GEL

Card account statement


Cost of protest against transaction

25 GEL

Replacement of lost card

20 GEL

Replacement of a damaged card

20 GEL

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