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 Megobarati is universal, free credit card!


Use contactless cards of BasisBank!

Contactless cards simplify and save your time while any purchasing operation or service!

Credit or debit cards of BasisBank can be transformed to contactless cards (VISA classic, VISA Gold, Megobarati), you just need to touch terminal POS  and transaction is carried out.
For receiving contactless cards you have to renew the card in any of Service-centers of the Bank, (or apply for the new card), which provides you with opportunity to carry out payment at any POS easily, quickly and comfortably!

Card Details:
High credit limit;

 30 days Grace period with 0%;

·         Free transfers for utility payments

Bonus minutes and SMS for subscribers of  Magticom  and Geocell networks! 

Effective annual interest rate is equal to 0%: upon repayment of spent amount in 30 days period interest free using of card!

Upon customer request is possible to increase credit limit. Monthly minimal installment will be calculated: as 5 %.

Bonus minutes and SMS for subscribers of  Magticom  and Geocell networks!

To every spent GEL 100 is provided 8 minutes and 2 SMS.

For activating the service please visit any Branch of BasisBank and register the Magticom or Geocall numbers for which you would like to get accrued bonuses.  

Bonus transferring and spending: 

for minutes/SMS carried out at the 1st day of next month;

Using of bonus is possible during the one month from the day of transfer; 

As a settlement month is understood a calendar month- from the 26th day of the last month up to 26th day of the next month 

Bonuses will be accrued for the following transactions:

  • Purchasing of goods/ services;
  • For payment of and communication bills via internet banking;
  • For payment of communication bills via SMS banking.

In order to get the Megobarati free of charge you have to visit any of BasisBank Service-Center. The only requirement is to submit a document certifying your monthly minimum income of 400 GEL.


Fee type




Card Account Currency




Credit limit




Maximum grace period (Interest-free credit)

30 calendar days





Credit registration fee

1,5% of negative balance as of the end of the month
Note: Interest will be accrued on a monthly basis, at the end of the month according to the balance as of the last day of the month



Fee for cashing own funds

At a Basisbank ATM – 0%, at ATM’s of Agent banks* – 0.5% (minimum 0.5 GEL), at ATMs of other banks – 2% (minimum 3 US Dollars) At Basisbank department - 0%, At Department of the agent bank- 2% min. 6 GEL, At Department of the other bank - 2% min. 6 GEL



Purchase (non-cash) transaction fee


Fee for cashing the credit

4,5% (Minimum 10 GEL)



Fee for the use of unauthorized credit

32% of overspent amount
Note: Interest will accrue on a daily basis, from the emergence of unauthorized credit until the actual payment day.



Penalty for the use of amount transferred by mistake

0.05% of used amount for each day.
Note: penalty will be accrued in case the client does not return the amount within 3 days from the receipt of information on the transfer by mistake



Increase of credit limit

From 5%



Fee for the Restoration limit

30 GEL



Limit period




Production of a card




Annual service


Cost of additional card



Validity period

2 years



Cash withdrawal limit


Transfer fees on plastic cards  
From local merchants 0,5%

From international merchants




Entry in a local STOP list




Entry into International Stop-list (for two weeks, One region)

100 GEL



Card account statement




The cost of protest against transaction

25 GEL

Replacement of a damaged card

15 GEL

Penalty charges for the violation of  “Megobarati” usage  rules:

*                               for a 1 (one) month violation – 2% of negative balance;

*                               for a 2 (two) month violation – 4% of negative balance;
 * *Agent Banks: 
VTB Bank
TBC Bank.
Cartu Bank
Halyk Bank



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