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Carry out your payments even easier and faster!

Carry out card transaction already through contactless sticker of BasisBank. Payment becomes 3 times faster, without plastic card, just with touching BasisBank’s sticker to terminal device! 

Performing payments with BasisBank stickers is possible at any trading point which has contactless payment logotype.

•           Sticker of BasisBank is linked to your Card Account, accordingly while performing payments you spend amount located at your card. 

•           You are given the opportunity during 24 h. carry out 10 transactions each of GEL 50 value without pin code. For the transaction that exceeds value of GEL 50, pin code is required. 

How to make payment through a sticker?

•           attach sticker to desirable object of yours

•           touch terminal with your sticker to and payment is complete.


•           annual interest - GEL12

•           duration - 2 years

It is desirable to attach a sticker to one object, since frequent replacement to different items can damage the sticker

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