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MasterCard Standard


MasterCard Standard is one of the most common and universal cards worldwide is intended for all natural persons. By means of MasterCard Standard you are able to get cash as from ATM as well at Service-Centers of the Bank. Carrying out standard purchasing operations is possible at any trading mall or (where the MasterCard symbol is depicted) by internet.





Wissol discount


The Card is accompanied by Wissol discount card.

 At all gas stations of Wissol the Customer is entitled to a discount of 10 tetri.


Rates of MasterCard Standard


card issuance

free of charge

Main currency of the card


first year card service fee

with Wissol discount GEL 30, without discount  GEL 15

second year card service fee

with Wissol discount GEL 30, without discount  GEL 15

Card validity

2 years

Card updating

with Wissol discount GEL 30, without discount  GEL 15

preparation of additional card

with Wissol discount GEL 30, without discount  GEL 15

urgent issuance of the card

annual service fee for respective card + GEL 50 

minimal balance on account

GEL 00

daily limit for cashing from ATM


USD 1500

daily limit for cashing at the Bank Branch

USD 1500

Daily limit of purchasing (cashless) operations

USD 7000

Commission for changing of daily cashing limit (for one month)

GEL 10

commission for cashing from ATM


ATM of BasisBank

0.2% min. GEL 0.2 

ATM of agent banks

0.5% min GEL 1,6  

with ATM of other baks

2% min. GEL 7,5

commission for cashing of the amount at the bank

at service-centers of BasisBank

0.2%  GEL 0.2 

at the agent-banks service-centers

2% min GEL 2 

at service-centers of other banks

2% min. GEL 17 

commissions in points of sales


free of charge


free of charge

entering into stop list

local stop list

free of charge

international stop list

GEL 100 

administrative commission

interest for unauthorized overdraft


statement from the card account

free of charge

   cost of appeal against the transaction

GEL 25 

replacement of damaged cards

GEL 15

replacement of stolen/lost cards

GEL 15

additional urgent service

urgent restoring of the card (abroad)

GEL 385

urgent cashing of the card (abroad)

GEL 250

commission for crediting to the card

from local merchants

0.5% ;

from international merchants


Commission for transfer of own money funds from the card’s accounts of the customer

GEL: 0,07% min. GEL 080 USD: 0,2% min. USD 15 max. USD 500

EUR: 0,2% min. EUR 15, max.  EUR 500   

CNY: 0,2% min. CNY 2500.

GBP: 0,2% min. GBP 15 max. GBP500


other foreign currency: 0,2% min.. EUR 15, max. EUR 500 equivalent

Internal banking transfers between the customers’ accounts are free of charge  

penalty for the use of the amount erroneously credited to the account

0,05% of used amount for each day

remark: penalty will be imposed if the Customer is not returning the amount within the 3 (three) days upon receiving information on erroneously credited amount

  *Agent Banks: 

VTB Bank
TBC Bank.
Cartu Bank
Halyk Bank
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