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Bank – Client
What is the on-line banking service "Bank — Client"?
The Basisbank’s on-line banking service "Bank — Client" is a most safe, convenient and simple software with multiple functions and services. It allows a client to perform bank operations on his/her account without visiting the Bank.
The software "Bank — Client" allows its clients to view:
  • accounts and balances in any currency;
  • account statements of any period;
  • current exchange rates at which the Bank performs conversion of foreign currency;
  • account statements of any period both in nominal and its equivalent currency with historic exchange rates.
  • papers of any operation and their detailed specifications;
  • applications sent to the Bank.
Following Operations can be made via "Bank — Client":
  • Transfers in national and foreign currencies;
  • Currency conversion;
  • Sending applications and different text messages to the Bank.
Software "Bank — Client" allows you to:
  • Print out any document or data received by the system;
  • Search data in any form or list by any field or part of field;
  • Filter data;
  • Sort data by any field or combination of fields;
  • Automatic transfer of any data from the system to Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel or other programmes via standard functions of Windows system.
"Bank — Client" is based on modern security technologies. The security measures considered under this system are employed by the world leading banks and financial institutions.
The security technology of "Bank — Client" makes it possible to:
  • Secure maximum protection of client confidentiality;
  • Block unauthorized access to client’s accounts;
  • Prevent illegal access of unregistered customers to the programme;
  • Prevent illegal operations on accounts by unauthorised visitors.
Bank — Client Service Fees:
  • Software installation (Georgian and English version) - 40 GEL
  • First month service fee - free 
  • Monthly service fee - 20 GEL
  • After installing the software the Bank’s IT specialists will provide you with complete consultancy and necessary assistance related to the programme.

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