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BB API Integration service

Integration service provides connection between your accounting system and banking system  
The following operations are available from Accounting system to Banking system:
Transfer to your own account; 
Transfer to other’s account in national or foreign currency;
Transfer to state treasury;
Group transfer;
Getting statement of your bank account
Carry out banking operation quickly and easily directly from your Accounting system

Registration for service:

The legal entity can use one channel for integration with the Bank and can have several users registered to mentioned channel. 

Integration of systems is provided by Technical support of legal entity and the Bank. 
Demo version is activated upon switching on the service, transfer from Demo version to real version is carried out after completion of testing the system. 

For using integration service must be activated mobile Digi Pass or Digi Pass device- means of generating one-time codes, this is required for processing transfers with integration service and for receiving statement of an account.  

The Client confirms the order on transfer to integration service by means of one-time code generated by Digi-pass;

During the connection between the systems data transfer is carried out in encrypted form;

There are two types of transfer-orders for the Bank by integration system:
loading a payment order into the banking system through the integration service;
loading a payment order into the banking system through the integration service, with additional authorization from internet banking.

Upon desire of legal entity is available to restrict the address while registration of integration service, access will be available only from certain IP address for working on integration service of the company.

Installation of integration service is free, monthly service charge amounts to GEL 5 . 
For carrying out transfers the required Digi Pass application one-time cost equals to GEL 20 and cost of DigiPass device is GEL 60. 
BB API Integration service is intended for legal persons-users of ERP-systems or owners of own accounting programs.
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