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DigiPasssafe, fast and simple device for generating one-time codes

Carry out transfers without limits to any direction and without visiting the Bank get the variety of banking services.

Devices for generation of one-time codes:

SMS token – one-time code for confirmation of transfer, which can be sent to your mobile phone. Transfers with SMS token have limits: for natural persons daily limit is GEL 25 000, monthly limit – GEL 100 000; for legal entities daily GEL 200 000, monthly – GEL 1 000 000, the price of SMS token is GEL 10, activation of it is possible at any Service-center of the Bank.

DigiPass – with DigiPass code you have opportunity to entrust the Bank with unlimited transfers, the code is generated with DigiPass device or by DigiPass applications in mobile phone.

DigiPass application of BasisBank is integrarted in mobile bank of “BasisBank”.  It is available as to natural persons as well to legal entities.  Generating of one-time code is possible at any time, in our country and abroad, without rouming and internet access. Internet connection is required for activation of mobile DigiPass and for making transfers.

For greater convenience from one application is possible to generate one-time codes for several users.

Activation of DigiPass is available upon visiting of any Service-center of BasisBank. Application can be downloaded for free from Apple Store and Google Play Store. Activation one-time fee for natural persons is GEL 10 and for Legal Entities GEL 20.

   Instruction for users of Mobile DigiPass

Install mobile application in your phone and at the same time use DigiPass application of BasisBank.

For purchasing of DigiPass device please visit Service-Center of our Bank, it costs GEL 60. Generating of code with device is a simple procedure and does not require internet connection.

  Instruction for users of  DigiPass device


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