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The BasisBank’s Internet Banking services are based on modern internet technologies. The used security technologies are practiced almost in all prominent financial institutions throughout the world.
The IT technologies used in the Internet Banking allows:
  • maximum protection of client’s account
  • prevention from unauthorised visitors on client’s account
  • prevention from unauthorised login of unregistered visitors in the system
The following security tools are applied to Basisbank Internet Banking:
  • User ID
    When registering in the programme each client gets 4 digit (symbol) identity code, so called “user ID” that should be entered when starting Internet Banking;
  • Password
    Password is one of the most important safety elements. When registering with the service each client gets a personal password. Password can be changed on-line (recommended);
    The password should be minimum 6 characters.
  • Data Filter (Firewall)
    Bank system is isolated from external world and internet by means of special firewall. Firewall monitors and controls net flow and protects the system from unauthorised entries.
  • Secure Data Transfer over the internet
    All data related to Internet Banking moves in internet only in encrypted form.
  • Session Keys
    "Session Key" is used when connecting with internet banking. It is almost impossible to decode it as it is unique for each separate session.
  • Authentication with Certificate
    In order to ensure the client has logged onto the Bank’s original site the Basisbank uses the certificate of an international organisation “ThaWte”.
  • 3 Strikes Lock out
    If the client enters an incorrect password, user name / user ID three times successively, the system blocks automatically and the client shall need to contact the Bank immediately;
  • Session Control
    The internet banking session will be automatically closed if the visiting client remains inactive for a certain period.
The Following Precautions are recommended to the Client:
  • Checking Certificate
    When connecting Internet Banking, it is necessary to check Security Certificate that verifies your connection to original BasisBank Internet Banking site.
  • Safe Exit from Internet Banking
    When finishing working with Internet Banking please exit the programme only by clicking a “Log out” button.
  • Password Related Security Measures
    Please, do not confide your password and user ID to another person. Do not save data on computer files without password. Try to change your password frequently.

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