+995 322 922 922
Call Basisbank’s call center 2 922 922, *9292 and enjoy the comfortable bank service!
Our operators shall provide consultation and give you any important information about the service bank:
  •  Service and products types, tariffs;
  • Currency exchange rates;
  • Requisites of your accounts;
  • Location of ATMs, offices and service centers, office hours.  
The clients of Basisbank are eligible to perform the transactions via Tele-bank:
  •  Unlimited transfers among the accounts;
  • Unlimited transfers among the card accounts in case of own funds*;
  • Conversions among the accounts (with tariff fixed by the bank);
  •  Getting of application on conversion (interbank foreign exchange market of Tbilisi);
  • Municipal, communication and insurance transfers;
  • Coverage of loan;
  • Blocking of plastic cards;
  • Order of any kind of plastic card;
  • Registration on any kind of remote service.
Herewith you are eligible to get information about:
  •  Balances and limits on the accounts;
  • Deposit period and accrued interest;
  • Loan period and accrued interest;
  • Credit card limits, coverage terms and amount of installment;
  • To get the requisites of accounts, extracts and their deciphering.

For protection of confidentiality of your accounts, you need to register a password at any of our service centers for performance of transactions via Tele-bank (please, have your ID with you).


Use of Tele-bank is free of charge.


* Only municipal, communication and insurance transfers are available when using credit limits on card accounts.

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